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Our Tours in Kamchatka

Fishing on Kolpakovo RiverFishing on Kolpakovo River
. The river is immensely beautiful and it is rich in fish. Closer to its source river teems with Rainbow Trout, and approaching to the Sea of Okhotsk, depending on the season, the river is rich with King Salmon, Brook Masu-salmon, Silver Salmon (Coho), Pink Salmon. Fishing is carried out up from the banks of the river during the stops, or from the boat while rafting. The only possible way to get there and back is by helicopter. see details

Fishing on Vahil RiverFishing on Vahil River
Fishing is held within the period from August till October. The source of Vahil River is within the spurs of Zhupanovsky volcano. The length of rating is 30 km. The river is rich in Arctic Char, Silver Salmon (Coho) and Char. You will be impressed by the pristine nature and fishing of the world's class. The only possible way to get to the river and back is by helicopter.
The duration of fishing tour is about 1-6 days. see details

Plosky Tolbachik volcanoKamchatka Discovery
If you have travelled all around the world and it is not easy to amaze you, if you think that you have seen everything, then one more place is awaiting for you and you are to get there. It is here at Kamchatka, in the area of  Kluchevskaya group of volcanos.A great number of  volcanos concentrated there. Amazing and in the same time beautiful view one can see from Plosky Tolbachik volcano. see details

Kamchatka  MosaicsKamchatka Mosaics
This tour includes ascending Avacha volcano (2751m=9 025, 59 ft ). Then rafting with fishing on Bystraya River , and passing weirs of the 1st and 2nd category of difficulty. Then you will make ascending Gorely volcano (1829m=6 000, 66 ft ), where there is an acid lake in one of its crater. Also you will ascend Mutnovsky volcano (2322m=7 618, 11 ft ), where you feel all the power and beauty of active volcano…see details


The Hot Belt of KamchatkaThe Hot Belt of Kamchatka
This route gives you a perfect chance to ascend Gorely volcano (1829 m=6 000,66 ft), enter the crater of Mutnovsky volcano, where there are mud pot, the mountain lake, hot siphons. The entire route long you will have a possibility to bath in different healing thermal hot springs . You will reach the shore of the Great Pacific Ocean … see details


To Timonovsky Hot SpringsTo Timonovsky Hot Springs
In the way to Timonovsky Hot Springs, you have a chance to ascend on the top of Bakening volcano (2276 m=7 467, 19 ft ), pass by Verhneavachinskoe Lake from where a great river Avacha begins. Visiting the thermal springs, you will taste healing Timonovsky narzans…see details


Rafting and fishing on the rivers of KamchatkaRafting and fishing on the rivers of Kamchatka
The rivers of Kamchatka are famous for their pristine cleanness. And how reach in fish it is! There are King salmon (Chinook), Silver salmon (Coho), and Red salmon (Sockeye) also Rainbow trout, Arctic char and Pink salmon, Dog salmon (Chum), Grayling, Char. You will not leave without catch…see details




King Salmon and Coho Salmon FishingKing Salmon and Coho Salmon Fishing
Kamchatka peninsular is one of the rarest places on the Earth where salmon spawning grounds remained pristine and untouched. Therefore so many amateur fishermen are attracted there from all over the world...see details




Travel to TumrokTravel to Tumrok
Reaching the central part of Kamchatka, you get to the kingdom of Kamchatka taiga with its splendid coniferous trees; you will walk dozens of kilometers far from civilization, and meet only the bears in your way. You'll bath in Tumrok thermal hot springs , which long since are famous for its healing power. Besides you have a chance to ascend Kizimen volcano…see details


A travel to Nalychevo Nature ParkA travel to Nalychevo Nature Park
It is interesting to travel in Nalychevo valley, as all the route lies along a perfect path, there is a possibility to put up for the night in the comfortable houses. Besides there is always possibility to recover your strength in the excellent thermal pools. And ascending to the thermal area of Dzendzur volcano along Zholob brook will stay in your memory for a long time…see details


In Jeeps along KamchatkaIn Jeeps along Kamchatka
If you are keen on extreme journeys in off-road automobiles, if you are ready to use winch several times a day, - such kind of tour is for you. There will be a purpose ahead of you to reach in Tyotas and Nissans, and luxuriate in hot thermal pools in the evening…see details


Ski tour to Nalychevo valleySki tour to Nalychevo valley
When on the Mainland trees turn green, at Kamchatka it is the best time for ski tours. Nights become not so cold, and in the day-time it is very warm in the spring sun. Skiing in the day-time, recreation in the houses and bathing in the hot thermal pools in the evening…see details


Rafting on the rivers of KamchatkaRafting on the rivers of Kamchatka
This tour is for skilled water sportsmen. Rafting on the mountain rivers Levaya Shapina and Storozh. Passing weirs of the 4 th and 5 th category of difficulty. Or rafting on Zhupanova river, rather calm and comfortable…see details


The burning tops of KamchatkaThe burning tops of Kamchatka
The route runs among the most interesting and spectacular places. You are to visit slag deserts, Alpine tundra, overcome frozen lava flows, mountain rivers, a deep canyon of “Suhaya Hapitsa”river and touch the volcanic ice-caps. The path lies across the territory of Kluchevskoy Nature Park and ends up in The Dead Forest on Tolbachinskiy Dale...see details


The tops of KamchatkaThe Tops of Kamchatka
We are delighted to offer You one of the most difficult sports route for the skilled mountaineers and those tourists who can challenge an extreme environment conditions and the one who is ready to experience getting to the highest and the most difficult tops of The Kamchatka peninsular...see details


Fishing on Ostrovnaya River
Ostrovnaya River springs from the northern part of Kamchatka at the foot of The Sredinniy Ridge (“The Middle Ridge”) and comes weltering to The Pacific Ocean. It takes quite a while to get there, about 700 km., but fishing is worth it...see details


Fishing on Tihaya River
Meeting at the airport, transfer to the Central part of Kamchatka to Esso village (550 km.). Helicopter transfer to the river. Rafting and fishing...see details



Flower tour "Kamchatka – The Paradise of Flowers"
Picture of Large Lady's SlipperVegetation of Kamchatka peninsula is rather various and beautiful. Thick green cover of the Pacific Ocean coast contrasts poor and scanty vegetation of the highlands and vegetation of the Okhotsk Sea coastline. A mixture of emerald vegetation, strewed with different - colored flower spots and spots of snow and a blue sky on the background gives absolutely unforgettable impression…. see more  


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